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What is your favorite location and why?


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We all have a location that loads us up with more quarters than others.  That may be your favorite location, but if not what is your favorite location and why?

My favorite location is a karate studio where the owner and I have become friends.  I know when i go in there I have to have 20 or 30 minutes to stand and talk and tell stories.  It does pretty good middle of the road location, but I always have a good time being around the owner and our conversations.

I also have a tile business where the owner and I are nearly same age and he has a great entrepernurial spirit and is fun to be around.  As you can see my favorite locations are based on people rather than the money.  They both do okay, but I have a great time just hanging out and talking with the guys.  In fact the guy at the tile store sent me a cool e-book on the psychology of success and self-control. 

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