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Are my Toys Illegal in the USA?


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I'm looking for something to compare my Certificates from A&A & other toys to.  (Proof of Comformaty/Certification of Comformity)

I want to see what the USA requires.

Suppose my certificate of Conformity from A&A website says blah blah blah..

I want to see what USA's Requirement says, I want to compare my Certificates to that.

For instance: I have some Winny Pooh toy's from Tomy, & I have some reason to believe that they may no longer be legal in the USA & I have the certificates for those toys right here, but nothing from the USA requirements/standards to compare them to, you understand what I'm trying to say?

can some one help me with this??

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Who every you are buying your toys must supply you with the proper documentation. If you are buying products from a reputable source, they will have proof that it conforms with all USA requirements. If you are buying from someone new, the first thing I ask is, do you have proof that your products can be sold in the USA. If they don't, than don't buy them. If they can, I ask for a copy. Have it sent to your email or faxed.

I live in California and the rules became law here before most of the other states. There where products that I normally buy on the East Coast and they wouldn't send them to me.

I hope this was helpful.


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