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Pricing Article from R. Holland


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I read this in the most recent Coin-Op Trader and I thought you all might find it interesting.  These are the prices vendors are trying to achieve in today's market.  If you are not at these prices yet and you want to adjust them, taking an article like this with you to show your account contact will help pave the way.  I do not suggest anyone just going out and changing their prices without talking to the account first.  Be courteous and work smart.  You want to walk away a winner at building a profitable business not at winning an argument.

                                                                          GOING BUST

  Well, it's finally here.  The Worst economic time in my life and I'm 64.  Here in Phoenix I have seen 2 million dollars plus customers go out of business.  Another very Large company close to merger.

With all of this, product cost has gone through the roof and many vendors waited too long to raise prices. Gas is getting out of control.  Everything associated with doing business has gone up. 

In My humble opinion for vending prices:

1.  12oz can soda                              $.75

2.  20oz bottle soda                          $1.25

3.  Vend Water                                $.75 -$1.25

4.  Chip type                                    $.65 - $1.00 (I assume he means bag grab at 1.00)

5.  All choc candy                            $.95-$1.00

6.  Other items in candy shelf            $.75

7.  Ice Cream                                    $1.25 and up

8  Coffee    sm $.50    Lg.  $.75  Specialty  $1.00  Hot Choc.  $.75    Soup  $.75

If your vending lower prices and this economy doesn't change soon you will be joining the list of "Going Out of Business."

R, Holland


Phoenix, AZ


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