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Vendstar Claims newbies beware!


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It has been discussed here many times, Vendstar the love/hated plastic machine. I have about 48 of them and they do fine. Great way to get into the business IF YOU ARE BUYING USED! If you are a newbie or considering this business you must realize all Business opportunity claims are hyped and testimonials are paid for in new machines. I spent 6 hours today servicing only 17 machines. Then I read the following claim. Who is this guy trying to deceive, you? 46 machines in 2 hours? They all must be in his basement.

Don't just take our word for it! Read what some of our customers have to say about Vendstar…

  “You just set up the machines and, they just make money. You don’t have to constantly be there like a normal job. I have 46 machines right now and it usually takes me about two hours to service them. The machines do the work for me.”

- Heath T.

Tremonton, UT - 46 Machines

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My boss is like this many times. He'll rattle off a list of accounts and say, "That should take about %x hours." He seems to forget that it would take at least as long just to drive by each location without ever stopping, or getting out of the van, or going into the location, or filling the machines, or cleaning the machines, or collecting the money, or resolving issues that may have come up since the last service. Even then, this all assumes you're a deaf mute. Should I just ignore the contact person when they start talking to me?

Oh, and many accounts you don't just simply arrive and BAM! you're in front of the machines. I have a few that require close to half a mile of walking to get from the van to the machines, and many more that are over a quarter mile.

Using that logic, I could see how Vendstar could make a similar claim and expect people to be able to believe it. "Open the top and pour in the candy. Open the back and collect your quarters. Even a caveman should be able to do that in under three minutes!" As nice as that sounds (assuming you're not a caveman,) it'll almost never happen.

In the case anyone might think I'm being bitter I can only say this; tonights Mega Millions draw is for 1/3 of a BILLION dollars, and I forgot to buy a ticket!!!


P.S. In the words of a famous member here, "I love bulk vending!" (©2009 T Bird Johnny)

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Oh, and does your boss assume that the moment you arrive at work you are ready to go out and start servicing machines? Does he know that such a job requires STOCKING the van BEFORE leaving the warehouse?

For that matter, does he realize that spending  4+ hours 3+ times a week installing/removing/exchanging machines is time spent NOT servicing the route?

But I'm not bitter! NOOOOO, I'm not bitter!!!!!!!!!!!

Did your boss cancel your (family) health insurance and simply reimburse YOUR premiums without adding to your pay what HE was already paying towards the policy on your behalf?

Did your boss call you and offer to take one of your stops saying, "That should free up a lot of your time, shouldn't it?" then proceed to give you 3 (THREE) of his stops?

But I'm not bitter! NOOOOO, I'm not bitter!!!!!!!!!!!  I AM A BULK VENDOR!!!!!  And with some hard work, a little creativity, and a good dose of luck, I'll be a very happy bulk vendor!


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Ah, I just found the Craigslist ad that was probably the inspiration for this topic. Here's a nice testimonial:

"I chose Vendstar because it is instant cash flow and I saw the results a lot quicker. [snip]" As opposed to all those other vending machine manufacturers that find some way to tie up the money???

I'm sorry, I seem to be on edge tonight. I think this will be my last post. (Sleeping on it might get me fired up even more, though.)


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Isn't it amazing that Vendstar is still in business?  One one hand, you hate them for twisting the truth and charging $300 per machine and parting $10,000 from a prospect.  On the other hand, you have to appreciate the fact that they are survivors and know exactly how to word their ads and responses to prospects since the authorities have never tried to shut them down to my knowledge.  I mean 1-800 and many other triple head vending suppliers have come and gone - but Vendstar still keeps on truckin.  They must have some real good lawyers and public relations people - and some real smooth sales reps!


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Vendstar is a funny company. I see really I mean really old looking Vendstar

models out there. I guess they still work! It's actually a good product in my

opinion. The biz op "scam" is another story. When I first got them I called the

So. Cal rep to inquire about replacement parts. The second and I mean the

second he realized I wasn't going to buy machines from him or use his locator

he was off the phone with no help to my question.

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