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Bounce A ROO machines


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Anyone own a Bounce a Roo machine?  I just picked up 7 at $100/ea.  They are in NICE condition.  They look barely used.

Are you vending anything other then bouncy balls?

What are they averaging?

Any issues?

I have 3 existing account already say they would take one.  I just need to pick up some 49mm balls.  They are 75cent vends, hoping to average $100/mo on them. Would be a SWEET ROI.....

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These have been discussed here a few times try a search to see what comes up. Every one I've ever seen was set up for $1.00 vends. There is one in the local Wal-Mart that empties out every 30 days. The "poor" operator can't keep it filled at $1.00 a turn.

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I have 2 of them that are not longer located, not because they have anything really wrong with them but more because I do not have the time to locate them with all my other Full Line stuff these days. The only thing that I had an issue with was they would jam up once in a while from the weight of the 49mm balls. Never really found a solution besides not filling the machines to the max every time you service them.

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I have one I have vended 45mm and 49mm balls. No problems what so ever even with filling it to the top and mixing 45 and 49mm together. I vend them for 1.00 in a busy breakfast place up to 100 vends a month.

Your going to love those machines!

I'd go with 45mm balls better selections better price. 49mm balls are hard to find. If you find good mix in 49mm at a good price let me know.

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