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How a Full Line CEO Thinks


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I got this email yesterday from one of the CEO's of a larger company we represent in California.  I think it is a great example of the thinking of a company when considering accounts.

In response to my email concerning accounts we are working on together:


No, I did not have any further contact other than a few emails with the resort in_____.  I thought they would be the catalyst to get us into that city.  With their size, clearly 40 machines is too many and I do not know what they will pursue.  It's a huge mistake for anyone to put more than about 12 machines into the place.  I can see why their present vendor is either getting out or telling them they are getting out of business.  They MIGHT need 6 machines in 3 different areas.  Soda/snack in maybe I think an employee area, a rec room and I think their entry.  And perhaps a few others here or there around the complex.  That's being generous.  I would think those 6 should be enough.  So, they are just way out on their expectations and have created an unworkable situation for their vendor.  Not looking forward to following that act unless they changed a few things. (HE IS RIGHT ABOUT THIS)

Emailed Austin all the info for______yesterday before I left office.  If he's serious and ready to move forward, then I would imagine we'll wrap that up by tomorrow afternoon.  He was feeling pressure to get this going by Labor Day and if so, that means he has a very small window to move.  If he does not get this decision in by tomorrow afternoon, I'd expect it will happen the 2nd or 3rd week of September. (lARGE ACCOUNT WITH VARIOUS MACHINES)

The Fairgrounds guy,___________, is presenting to his Board.  May have been done already.  If he is able to approve the move to the new building, then we'll see if he is looking to include us or not.  Think it's a reasonable chance that the answer would be yes.  I don't know if ____________ or the ___________ either one would be good or great accounts.  I would venture that one of them would be, so if we end up spending a grand or so on each (or whatever the number) I would bet one of the two would end up working out and be worthwhile in the long run.  If both end up being, so much the better.  Both are looking to take some equipment that we have a hard time placing at present.  Food machines, frozen, cup soda, and Hot Drink between the two.  All machines that are just excess around here at moment and would free up warehouse space and perhaps give dying assets new life.  There are other accounts we have pursued or are pursuing, and they'd all be nice.  Soda/snack places.  But these two, with their interest in said equipment, and their geographies, solve some problems for us."

This is from one of the larger companies in Southern California.  I think it gives some insight in the decision making process of business growth. 

Blue Moose

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