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I'm just astounded by how absurdly simple this concept is. I'm sure I've seen it written about several times. I am now 100% located. Including my Craigslist ad, I've located 4 machines (sold 1) in the last week. The Craigslist ad took about 10 minutes. The other 2 locations; I was just there (a paying customer) and asked if they'd like a gumball machine. I also got some contacts this way that I need to follow up on. I now have 6 locations, and only 1 was acquired by pounding the pavement. It's amazing all the places you go, or people you run into, and don't really even think about it. Oak just shipped my machines Friday, and now I get to order more since I don't have to pay for a locator.

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I used locators when I first started in vending, WOW what a mistake that was. Once you network a little you will be surprised how easy it is to passively get machines out there located. If you can not handle hearing a "no" then this isn't the business for you, if you think getting a no is bad just wait until you biggest gravy location kicks you out to put in their own machine...

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you are putting words in my mouth..I can handle a no, it just hurts,

just like it hurts anyone for getting kicked out, not much

you can do, other then go place more machines...thats one

plus about a vendstar, you can just swap heads out, and not

count change in front of people...even with other machines

you just drop the money into something and count the change

later, not giving them a chance to see what you are pulling out.

unless it is a commission site, then they pretty much know...

and I do not mind using a locator. I jut wish they could

move faster on getting the machines placed.

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Maybe I'm super callous to the NO. No doesn't hurt. Getting machines vandalized or stolen hurts :'(

Expect people to say no, expect to get kicked out, expect lose machines, expect to make money.

It just business, it's not personal. Like my college roommates used to say when whipping someone while playing techmo bowl business is business and personal is personal. B)

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Exactly.  They're not saying "no, we don't want your machine because we don't like YOU personally."  They're just saying "no" because they don't want a candy machine in their establishment.  Nothing personal about it unless you make it personal.

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