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Rack valuation


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Need help figuring out value for a rack. I've been talking to the seller, who claims to have over paid massively for the rack. (Not her words, but her claims of initial cost were completely out of line with ordering from the manufacturer.)

Posted Image

the two inch is filled to the top, it is being sold with product in it. The brand is northwestern, it is on a chrome rack with locking wheels. Notable extra costs would be ordering a large rack location, changing candy wheels for toy wheels in 3 to 4 machines, and filling the toy slots. These costs should not be included in the valuation of the rack (rather they subtract from its value because they will be paid later)

Given these factors, what would you want to buy this rack for? (Be realistic, and assume you are wanting to buy a rack)

I've seen debates on the value of racks before, and found them to be quite constructive in establishing community standards.

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I always base the price on the used reseal value and not the replacement cost value.  So for me it would be $35 per NW60, $75 per NW80, $75 per stand, $10 per wing.  I don't know what those round bubble heads are and can not price them.  I would never pay for product in the machines - that is complete bull s**t!  That candy may be stale and have to be thrown out.  Those toys may be real duds and not more well.  I could care less what the original owner paid for any thing! 

The real question is how good is the location?  If it was a kick-butt location where I could sell better products and make even more revenue, I may pay a premium.  I would also remove 2 of the NW80's and replace them with a sticker machine.  I would have one candy selection in the NW60's.  I guess if you have no spare capsule wheels, you would need to factor in those costs as well.


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Rounds are NW60 w/ round globe. I believe they are the ones aka NW "Fathead". Nice for products w/ a thin bendable display (like gb). It does not have a location yet, it's a bit of a drive to pick it up. I also think removing 2 of the super 80s and sticking a sticker machine in sounds good for improving the rack performance. I don't have the GB wheels available so I'd have to order them. I assume some of the candy's (BBB, runts) will be duds even if still good and thus has virtually no value. Interesting you completely disregard product, though it is true that the products may be complete fail. (Lack of vending knowledge is demonstrated by the candy selections on the bottom of a toy rack, and the 11 way size w/o use of a sticker machine. Her complaints about having overpaid either mean she wishes she could use that to set it a false bargaining point, or she is very amateur and significantly overpaid for northwestern. (The setup new from the company would've been significantly cheaper than her "original" price) I love working with Northwesterns, but I'm not sure she will be ready to come down to a point where I'm willing to buy it. E-mail has shown she is entertaining offers lower than her asking price though, so it seemed worth looking into.

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Lurstman,remember that most everone here values equipment way too low unless it`s thier own.I paid $620 for a setup like that minus the wings in red,no product, shipped.some might argue that is too much but the set up new would have been about $1100 dollars plus shipping. I got it for half, the machines and nice chrome stand were in such great condition,I put it in my pizza it saved me money and is a great piece of equipment.

how much is she asking?don`t bother paying her for candy either,it could be stale.

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its a buyers market out there right now. coinstar has pulled out of the bulk vending business

and the market is flooded with good equipment. make a $400 offer and see if they bite.

you may want to tell them the same thing i told you. you can buy the coinstar bulk

machines by the pallet for about $12 each.

these are about the going rates for loose good equipment right now..

nw 60........$ 25-35

nw 80........$ 45-80

racks---------$ 25 +

if the items you get look like good movers then thats money back on the money you

put out for the rack. worst comes to worst mix it up as a general mix

also if you can pick it up and not have to pay any kind of shipping cost thats great!!!

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Playtowin, where are you finding those deals on NorthWesterns? They claimed to have paid 2800 for it, and felt 1200 was a very good deal. I got them to come down to 1000, but that is far more than I am willing to pay. Maybe in a few months they will change their mind. I've got some other machines I am pursuing harder because they had more reasonable prices. Working on getting a vending vehicle also to haul machines. Tired of struggling to set up transportation when I do find good deals.

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i would hold off for a while and see what happens... if they did pay all that money

for the rack they made a big mistake. even if they sell it by the peice they still will

not come close to that price. i belive that they are still in shock of not getting

close to what they paid. once its used it drops in price fast.. ...let this sink in

when they can't get rid of it.

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