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PART 1...Nobody Really Wants Your Vending Machine


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Let's face it, nobody really wants your vending machine.  Don't worry, I know all the selling points..."The children will sit quietly at their table with the toys from my machine"..."You will earn a great commission"..."I will bring you nice brand new equipment"..."You will be supporting a good local cause"...and a few all time favorites..."I have 6 children I am trying to put through college"..."Do you really want me to come back here every day begging you"..."Please, Please, Please".  The thing most operators WILL NOT face until they have been in the business for a number of years (and some never face it) is the fact that there are just as many and maybe more reasons for a store NOT to accept your equipment.  They are in the grocery business (or restaurant...or other), not in the toy and candy business.  They DON'T need you.  Your machine is not pretty.  Your machine causes accidents, spills, falls, mishaps and trash.  If you are vending candy then its on the floor...every day!  If you are vending toys then the capsules are everywhere.  If you are vending stickers then they are getting stuck on windows and doors.  Not until recent years have we seen enthusiatiasm about accepting equipment...not until that is, operators began giving away sizable portions of the profits to the some cases, all of the profits.  In a country saturated with vending machines (all shapes, sizes and configurations).  There are thousands upon thousands of stores throughout the USA with multiple vending companies operating the same or similar machines, gobs of vendors with no merchandising savvy, abandoned equipment, stale gum, stale candy, rude unprofessional operators, un-maintained equipment, dirty racks and messy configurations.  Don't be surprised that nobody really wants your vending machine! NO...We don't have space!  NO...We don't need it!  NO...I don't like this stuff!  NO...We tried it before!  NO...I'm busy!  NO...NO...NO...NO...NOOOOOO!

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