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Sam's Club Or Costco???


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I get Mike and Ikes and PMMs at Costco. I went to Sams to get Skittles and saw they have gumballs for sale as Costco does not. Sams trumps Costco as you can get the AWESOME Northwesterns gumball/candy machines through them, Costco doesn't have any of that.

I say Sams is better just because of they offer the Northwestern gumball machines. They both have their great return policies so that is not an issue. Check them out online.

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I just recently started vending myself and I would say nearly HANDS DOWN Sams Club would get it, but as someone stated before that might be regionally correct. Sams was 1 dollar and a half cheaper on Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales, only marginally cheaper on M&M's but .50 cents cheaper on just about everything else. As well, they offer the best deal on trail mix at 7.80 for I believe it was 46 ounces. It may have been over 50...

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