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Two head VS Three


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When I first started vending I was a big advocate of the Triple. I felt that a triple offered more variety and opportunity to make a sale than a double did. I also thought that machine capacity would be an issue. One thing I learned when I put 3 machines on a stand is that the bracket bends. To combat this I bought a 3 canister machine. I then learned that having 3 products is often overkill. At an average performing location the candy just doesn't move fast enough.

I prefer doubles and this is why. Doubles cost less money. The sales are not significantly effected to make an extra selection worth the price. It costs $10 less per machine in candy alone to put a new machine on location. You also don't have to maintain 3 different candy selections. Most of the time 2 heads is enough, if you need 3 heads then you can probably run a rack. If you do a double as opposed to a single machine with 3 cannisters, then you can use the machines you already have to build a rack. It offers versatility. I like the Oak Vista 300's. The 300 head seems like it is an appropriate size for general candy and gum vending.

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