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Kick Start - Looking for 3 Clients


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I'd love some more information about this.

I'm learning about vending as quickly as I can, and the more I can learn about how you do what you do the better. (My goal is not to cut you out of the process, I don't want to run a locating business.) I see value in understanding my entire operations, even the locations which I outsource. Looked at the form, and you have some pretty high disposable income options, but fairly little information about what comes with being part of the group. Is there a set speed at which to purchase locations? That was the only potential draw back I saw, and of course I'm assuming most vendors who are not buying their machines brand new (vastly overpaying), will be limited in their orders by their ability to find good deals within a reasonable distance to add to their machines.

Please tell us more.

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Seems like he is missing action details...

1: prefered pricing? what does that mean?

2: easy payment terms? What does that mean?

There is just not enough info to go on...

what does he expect from the buyer...

what does the buyer expect from the locator...

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Sounds great!  We're already getting in applications.

This is an opportunity for a vendor to really get to know the other side of their team.




Could you tell us a little more about your vision here?  Sounds good.  I want to grow, but I am really starting to want to move away from charity vending.  I feel more comfortable with giving the owner a split of the pie.  Would that fit into your model?

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Ladies and Gents,

Alright, I confess, there was very little information posted in hopes of creating some mystique. 

You are right, the disposable income part is for us to figure out your ability to grow and expand with us.

We have had about 10 applications so far with possibly 1 client working into our vision. 

More Information:

-  Preferred Pricing - You will get more information on this if you are accepted.  However, I will say this; the Elite Club has a unique pricing structure and warranty mechanism.  It's not something we could offer mainstream but for a few trusting clients we are going to offer it. 

-  Easy Payment Terms - You will get more information on this if you are accepted.  While we want your commitment we are not going to require you to hand over $1000's of dollars at once.



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