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Anyone have any Vendesigns?


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I had some 4 years ago from a route that I bought.  I sold them off as I did not like their dispensing design for candy - pretty funky indeed!  They did develop a new gumball wheel back then, but it was expensive.  This seems to be a common problem with these biz-op machines since they are "candy centric" and they can not reliably vend gumballs or toy capsules in acorns.  They either have no wheel for this, or it is an unreliable design that mis-vends, plus the part it usually expensive.  I seems like Uturn is the only biz-op that can reliably vend gumballs AND acorn caps, but even their wheel is expensive.  If you can't vend gumballs or acorn toys, then you are missing out on a large revenue stream!


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