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LYPC Pro Line questions???


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Does anyone know if the LYPC Pro  line machines take the standard locks like the T001, T-002, etc. The locks that will fit into 1800's. Also, do they take the standard size candy GB wheels? The size that will fit Seaga Millenia , SSF, Starline 16,etc.  "classic" style machines?



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I don't have LYPC, but my GMW Triple Chrome Pro's are the same as LYPC. Islander might be right about GMF. I know the Mechs are slightly cheaper at GMW and the locks might be too, so it might be worth looking into. You'll get raped on shipping at both places so if there is a possibility you'll need more locks, buy them all at once so shipping won't be 2/3rds the cost.

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I am actually trying to find out if the machines will work with the common keys / locks that I have. I thought the locks I had would work on some machines I have but they don't fit in the opening at the top of the machine. I don't necessarily want to purchase any LYPC Pro Line machines if I can't keep the locks consistent with my fleet. I have the barrel style lock / key sets. T-001, T-002, T-003 , etc.

Do you know if these fit in the LYPC Pro Line machines???

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