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I have an opportunity...


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I have an opportunity to purchase two vending machines with bill validators for $700 dollars. They are turn style machines. One is the super thin wall mountable kind and the other is from the same manufacturer and is the refrigerator type where you open the door to purchase soda and the snacks are located in the door. I want to say USI slave machine, but I could be incorrect.

I would like any helpful information in regard to: are these machines difficult to place, are they reliable, what can I expect in dealing with these machines, and any other helpful information you care to contribute.

Thank you,

Barry S.

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Barry, are you already doing full line? If not, you should read some of the posts here about the good, bad, and ugly of doing full line.

I'm not at all trying to say *not* to do it, just want you to make sure you know what you are in for.

As to your original Q, I can't answer the reliability, etc. Q, but assuming you currently *don't* have any full line machines, I would recommend buying a couple that are already on location. That way you can see if you like doing it or not w/o the headache of trying to place them.


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i saw one of these machines the other day. From what I can tell it looks like a snack machine, you have to really look close to tell this machine has sodas. I had looked at the snacks in this machine several times and was not aware it had sodas. I am sure this affected the soda sales in it.

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These machines are not on location, but I have a knack for placing machines, and may have one-two or more full line already placed due to knowing business owners. I agree with what someone said about not knowing the sodas are inside, and I would have to make sure to put some kind of wording on the front to help people understand they need to open the door for more. With that said I may not purchase these machines if they are headache prone. The machine is an Anteres machine and I am going to at least do more research to find the pros and cons.

I also like the idea of purchasing a route which I have the option, but not so much the money. I understand the vending industry has been hurt just as everything else has. A lot to consider and I am working on a business plan to expand my business.

Thank you all for your comments,


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