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Taking care of your investment


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I organized and cleaned my storage area today and I had a few thoughts about taking care of vending machines. Here are a few things I try to do on a regular basis.

1.  I make every attempt not to place stickers on my vending machines. Over time, stickers become over-stuck, often from the sun hitting stickers.  I like laminating product signs and charity signs and place them inside.  You can make your own product signs with your contact info right below, adding a custom look. Stickers can de-value machines when you go to sell.

2.  At least once a year (if not more) rotate machines out for a good cleaning.  Your locations will respect this and allow you to tune up your machines.

3.  When cleaning the plastic globes, use a proper cleaning product.  Windex can cloud plexiglass over time.  I like to use Novus 1. I use Novus 2 & 3 to remove scratches

4.  On metal machines, I use a small amount of spray wax - protects from light scratches and of course gives the machines a shine. 

5.  Never store unused machines with candy.  The sugar corodes the metal and attract bugs and mice.

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