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vending insurance


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hmmm i must be bored and long winded tonight....just started my own insurance business.....wondered if anyone was having any trouble with getting insurance for their businesses, machines or personal issues....let me know if you need any help...


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The problem I had when getting insurance was they wanted to charge my $1000 or so for a years worth of coverage for my full line vending business.  I only had 4 locations at the time but am adding them at the rate of one a week or so.  I finally got insurance for $795 for a years worth of coverage and think that is still crazy high.  Alas I live in high tax, high regulation New Jersey and would be truly aghast except that I know it is worse oftentimes in NYC next door. (That is why I left!)  How does that price compare to insurance in Ohio?  Also, what do you charge to add an additional insured to an account that has full line machines?  I guess I just want to see how much cheaper it would be if I lived in a 'normal' state.

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