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Vendesign Gumball?


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Yep, you sure can, but the Oak Vista looks nowhere NEAR as "classy" as the Vendesign. I have some Vendesigns, and in a "corporate" location, they are THE machine to have. When I show one of these "fussy" locations the double or triple headers that I have, and then the Vendesign, they ALWAYS pick the Vendesign. A 1800 machine in the dark green goes well in those locations also.

There is a time and place for each machine. In a nice office lobby is NOT the place for glaring yellow machines (LOOKIN AT YOU, U-TURN!!!!) or a "kid like" machine like the Oak Vista.

There is *nothing* wrong with Oak machines, at all! They are great machines!

That being said, I wouldn't put a Vendesign somewhere there are a ton of kids. They LOVE to spin them! None have toppled over (that I know of!) but there is that risk.

Anyone who buys *any* "biz op" machines new is an idiot, imo.  :o (There, I said it!)

Who the heck in their right mind would spend $500+ on those U-Turn Terminators?:huh:?  :o :o :o :o  Amazes me when I see someone bought 10-20 of them! Yikes!

Merc (Who has never purchased a brand new machine)

PS----I'd never spend the money on a gumball canister for the Vendesign! Highway Robbery! I just put in the "chicle" gum if someone wants gum!

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