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Candy Variety


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Are there any other options than the ones below for bulk vending(candy)






Mike And Ike

Hot Tamala

Jelly Bean

Bonz-Where can you buy?

Runts-Are they still avail?

Chiclets-Where can you buy?


Reeses Pieces

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Trail Mix, Pistachioes.....  I had great results from placing pistachioes at a auto body shop.  Store owner asked for them, saying the stuff I had placed ( MMP, HT, Skittles) wasn't appealing to any of his crew, or customers.  Even with the high price, I think I got a 50% return, and kept the client happy.  Maybe the best advice is to just ask what they want.


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Pistachio's are too expensive and the vend then is too small and they complain. Best to say up front I am not sure what you expect for 25 cents but it won't be many pistachio's or cashews. If they want healthy food go to a health food store. Keep yor inventory as small as possible and only do locations who want what you are selling. This will save you money, time and countless headaches.

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Sam's club has the cheapest price I've seen for Pistachios, $15 for a 4 # bag.  No complaints about the vend size from the customer, 7 to 9 nuts, and I feel the return is good considering what you may waste by putting out product that doesn't move as quickly, or spoils before the canister empties.  I've only been at this for 2 months, and have made many mistakes on what to vend and how full the canisters should be.  Pistachios may be a mistake too, but not for this one location.

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