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Can I use a generic 120 to 24 volt transformer on vendo 511


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I have a vendo 511 that has the 24 volt coin changer and dbv. The transformer that powers them is the vendo 1017861 120vto 24v transformer. They recommend getting one from them but i was wondering if i could just use a cheaper transformer with the same spec and if anyone knows where to get one. Thanx for any help.

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For the most part a transformer is a transformer as long as the input and output voltages are the same as well as the volt/amps ratings. So, yes, in theory it will work. Here is the disclaimer: All transformers are not created equal. Some have internal fuses or thermal overloads built into them. Some are underrated, while some are overrated. Also when using a different part in a machine will effect the UL/ETL rating. This is why Vendo or any manufacturer usually will not recommend using a generic non tested part..

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