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It's that time again...


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It's that time again...AASSSSSK the EXPERTS...

Hey experts, it's me again, noobie. I have a very important question and one that I think all my noobish friends will benefit from. I currently do not have any contractual agreements with my bulk machines. I am looking to start a full line vending side and would like to know where I can view a contract or how people have gone up writing agreements in the past.

Thank you for your help,


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Well, contracts, each his own.  Most of the vendors I work with no longer use "contracts", they use installment agreements.  Many corporations will no longer sign a contract without many many attorneys looking at it, adjusting it, adding waivers to it and so on. Apartment complexes are the worst right now.  It can takes months to get everyone on board just to add a drink machine in the laundry room.  I think Mike from Agee Vending who is a vendor on here remembers a account we were closings which took forever trying to get the contract right, the wording right.  But it required him putting in a large investment of equipment so it had to be done to protect his interests.  So I would never recommend setting up a large account which requires you putting in multiple pieces of equipment forgoing a contract.  Plus if you can get a 3 year agreement with a automatic renewal and first right of refusal within 60 days of the renewal date.

But in most States contracts will not hold up if the account is claiming they are kicking you out for poor service.  So now many vendors just install on a handshake if it is just a drink and a snack set up. 

Most vending companies draw up their own agreements.  I have some on file but they have all sworn me to secrecy so I can't share them.  If you just cover the who, what, when and where in the agreement you should be fine.  And do not make it look to legal...keep it simple.

That of course is just my two cents.

Blue Moose

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I only have one contract and that is part of a partnership joint venture agreement with two other vendors in which we service a large client with many locations on a really big contract, well into the six figure range. The contract is 37 pages long.

Normally I just use a handshake and a one page agreement that simply states:

1. that the location is allowing me place vending equipment

2. They provide utilities to the point of connection

3. They will exercise reasonable efforts to protect the equipment

4. Initial pricing and commission % and frequency of payment

5. Recognition of my ownership and responsibility to pay necessary taxes and insurance

6. My right to upsize or downsize equipment based on sales and employee count with prior notification.

7. Continuance is based on service, either party can cancel with 30 day written notice.

That will in most cases be more than enough. As stated earlier, call it an agreement not a contract or you will have problems getting signatures.

My .02

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