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snackshop2 help


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I just got this machine at a auction for $50. Im not sure if thats a deal or not. The dollar validator is missing and the thing that takes the coins is gone. Anyone know where I can find one of the coin gizmos that will fit this machine?

The dollar validator in the pop machine seems to work on this candy machine so I can probably just find the same one I have in it for the candy machine.

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it should say on the inside of the door which are compatible units for this machines but since both the validator and coin mech are gone you have a few choices the most inexpensive is going to me a coinco or mars unit. I would consider that a steal for this machine, I recently bought a lot of 10 for 100 each and they all had the validator and coin mech removed as well, a lot of the big company's will strip this stuff for back-up units for their other machines that are still in service.

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