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I've been in the bulk candy vending business for a month now and I have a couple of questions. First, I have five machines but I have only one placed in a location, a barbershop I give the owner 10% of the machine and wanted to know do I give him that 10% when the machine is empty or every 3-4 months when I come and empty and service the machine. Another question i had was I looking for locations myself and wanted to know if getting connected with a charity would help me to locate my machines because store owner's are asking for 50% of the machine and I am not going higher than 20% of an triple head bulk candy machine. Any suggestions or answers for me.

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All of my machines are charity and no commissions.  I selected a local charity and made my own stickers, approved by the Charity, and send them whatever I feel I can afford when I want to.  If you go with a national charity, there are a lot of guidelines to follow.  If you are considering a local charity, look into your local food bank or animal shelter of battered women shelter.  Good Luck and I hope this will help you.


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At the top of the page is a search function.  Type in your search phrase and you will find many threads that talk about that search subject.

Other than that, what is it you wanted to know?

Where are you from?  What kind of vending are you thinking of doing?

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