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What Were The Reasons Establishment Owners Gave You When You Lost A Location...?


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What were the reasons establishments kicked you out of your locations?

Serious, Funny, Stupid reasons---all count!

I'll start:

I lost my location because the restaurant owners wife who loved PMM's said she was eating way too many of them that were in my machines and ended up gaining weight.

I KID YOU NOT!  :rolleyes:

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I was kicked out of a Mexican restaurant last week.  The waitress came running after me saying the kids were making a mess retrieving the candy.  I didn't see that with my machine, but another Vendstar had a couple of chute doors broken off, tray was a little cluttered/crummy.  I think it's hard to maintain the equipment properly when you only service it on a monthly basis.  A lot can happen to make the site go south while you're away.      jr

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