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Gumballs are skipping on comeout - any solutions to this?


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I don't know about the Vendstar but...

Just a couple of things you could check.

1. Make sure the openings on the wheel and the opening in the front are lined up.

2. Make sure that if there are adjusting screws at the openings on the wheel, that they are completely open and the screws are tightened down. Make sure all the holes are open. Sometimes 2 could be open and the 3rd slightly closed. If there is a screw at each hole, take the screw(s) out that stop you from opening them up all the way.

3. Does the machine have a stirrer on the wheel. If not that could cause misses to happen at times.

Gumball machines are pretty simple so there aren't a lot of things that could go wrong.


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now I am having problems with M&I skipping...when they do come out, then

about 10 come out at a time...I do not see how it can skip that many at a time.

I put some pam in to make them a little slicker...but it does still skip

from time to time...

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Make sure that the wheel is lined correctly with the chute, this is something that can cause issues such as the ones you are having. Like said before there are only a few possible things that can be the issue and all should be able to be checked pretty quick. 

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