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Hello all


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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and to vending.  I've been studying and reading all the great advise here (thanks for that!) for a couple weeks now .  I'm excited about bulk candy vending and think it is time to take the next step.  In fact, I was bidding on a 1800 tonight on Ebay but unfortunately didn't win it.  If any of you know of any 1800 or Northwestern triple for sale please let me know. 

Thanks and hope to see you around here.


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Hi Dan,

Welcome aboard. You're off to a great start by researching first! As Gary said, this is a great place to learn from those in the business.

I know you're eager to make your first purchase (been there, done that) but I really think you're much better off finding a deal on Craigslist over eBay. You might have to wait it out a little, but a local CL ad has no shipping costs involved (along with the fact that you can actually look at/test the machine before buying it.) You'll soon realize that shipping costs can really add up in your inventory acquisition. Keeping those costs as low as you can will benefit you greatly regardless whether you choose to remain in the industry (if you continue, you make your equipment costs back faster. If you decide vending isn't for you, you can get most, if not all, of your initial investment back.)


Disclaimer: Every machine I own had shipping costs included in the purchase. Still waiting for my first CL purchase (been really close a couple of times but just a little too late.)

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I think a lot of ebay auctions run high to. And you still don't know if anything is really wrong with them. Make sure you test everything on every machine. I bought one that was setup for home use (free vend) I bought another where one of the 3 coin mechs has a hard time turning (new coin mech costs as much as a used machine). I have another that wouldn't twist onto it's pole. (Same as the coin mech machine so I cannabilized both to make 1 useable machine) And all of this was from in person purchases that I just didn't spend enough time testing. (too much time talking)

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