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DEX? Please explain.


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I undrstand what it stands for and partially what it can do. I have a Dixie 5591 and I recently added a USA Tech cashless system to it. While installing it I connected the DEX cable from the cashless unit to the DEX port on the VMC. That being said, I can pay $4 more a month to get the DEX data delivered via email. My question is, does a DEX file  provide more info than gross sales, cash box, and coin totals? I'm looking for sales by column and if a column is sold out. That way I know what product to bring before I show up. I know many of you may not have this particular cashless system, but you may know what DEX is capable of. Thanks!

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We use mei easitracks and love it. been dexing everything for about 8 years. It will tell us every thing we need to know but I would not spend the money for email buying a system is the way to go if you have a large company. If your the one doing it all then then it may be the way to go.

We have fired two because they were stealing and dex showed us that and fired one guy because when he was done working we looked at his log for the day and showed that he just went to the machines and pulled the money locked the machine and left never put one thing in but just wanted to get off work. so we let him have some time off to go get a new job

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