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Silent Sales Force Machine


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Hi guys! 

I'm new and looking to buy my first machines.  Ideally I would like NW triple or 1800.  They seem to be hard to find, at least low cost ones that are local (save $ on shipping)

What do you think of the Silent Sales Force Vending Machines? (didn't see them in the machine reviews) Someone is selling a few for $40.  2 machines on wooden stand.  Used.


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$40 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. I wouldn't pay over $10 for these pieces of junk! $20, if they were brand new. They break so easily, and you can't get replacement locks that will work without replacing the center rod, it seems to be metric.


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I just started in June of this year. I have 1 Vendstar and 16 ultra vend machines out. Not the best looking machines.I paid an avg of 23 dollars a machine. I think I paid 30 a machine for candy. and bought 3 location from KS that turned out to be four. (Thanks Rob) I don't plan to be paid back for a wile. The cheaper you get a machines the better and faster you start making money. My plan is to Upgrade later.

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