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Blockbuster closing stores........

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from what i've read blockbuster are closing brick and mortar store and rolling out kiosks instead...

they claim their kiosk will have up to 800 titles, which is a ton more than the redbox kiosks i've seen in the grocery stores around here.

but me? i'm a netflix man!  ;D

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I am keeping my fingers crossed for now. I have a little more inside information since I have 60 of their stores. I am still in all stores but I am waiting for the list of stores that will be closing. I have a few that are a couple of miles from one another. I can see them picking the lower volume store, and closing it. They did this already last year, in a couple of stores, and the remaining stores doubled it's business and mine. If it works out that way in all the stores I will be just fine for now. I guess I will have to wait and see.


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