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I have been waiting to post here for awhile now as I have placed all my machines. So here it goes, all figures are after commission and after 4 weeks:

Karate studio:   $17.25 (M&I, peanuts, trail mix) M&I by far and away did about $15.00. I'm getting rid of the peanuts and trail mix.  Want to try Cocoa almonds and somebody please suggest a "healthy" vendable item, as the karate owner wants healthier things, and also doesn't want anything chocolate.

Japanese restaurant:   $1.25  :(  (skittles,crybaby tears, polar mints) probably going to relocate this one.

Paintball arena:   $20.25  (PMM, crybaby tears, polar mint) PMM was a total HIT - crybaby tears and polar mints are O-U-T, and by request of the manager we will replace them with M&I and Runts. I can't wait till I see a full month with PMM, M&I, and Runts.

Convenience store:   $10.00 (skittles, PMM, M&I) To be fair this one has only been here for about 3 weeks. Looks promising because one of the employees told me most of the money in the PMM was his! All of the $$$ was evenly spaced out between the products.

Not bad at all! I am pleasantly surprised at my good 3 locations. I just have to streamline my product offerings and I should be good to go!  POLAR MINTS and CRYBABY TEARS ARE OUT! I like them personally but they don't sell!  M&I, PMM, and skittles are going to be THE combination.

OK I am saving the best news for last: I asked the owners of the paintball arena and convenience store if I could put a RACK in and they both said YES! All I have to do now is BUY 2 racks! LOL! Seriously, these 2 places could potentially make a lot of money if I offer the right products. I even have talked to a couple of people in my area and might be able to pick up some racks for a good price.  I cannot wait!


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Thank you Bud!

I'm pretty excited about putting racks in these places.  This convenience store is more like a really small grocery store, they have a deli and produce aisle so it's bigger than your typical 7-11. Plus its a Mom and Pop kind of place. I think a rack could do well there.  I believe the big money is in racks!

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