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DN 5591 Issues

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I have a DN 5591 on location that will on occassion start beeping like a mad man, tell us o remove product from the delivery bin.  This unit has a single drop sensor and the sensor is aligned.  I can cover a portion of the side reflection tape...and the unit will start beeping when I hit the center from any direction.  This is a persistant problem, but intermittent.

I would like to just disable the drop sensor, but can seem to do that.  Disabing the sensor from the main menu, just allows the unit to NOT care if the customer actually got a coke...but it still registers that a product needs to be removed quite often.

I tried to just disconnect the sensor from the controller, but then it beeps all the time.  Does anyone know if there is a way to cheat the sensor, such as looping it back to itself?

I hope this makes sense and someone can help me?



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EVERY DN BevMax at my place of work has gone through this. We shorted out the wires like Technivend said. THAT problem solved. Now every time a bottle doesn't drop (why do people select the drink that is obviously sitting farther back than all the others?) the customer loses their money. They also lose when a drink is stuck in the gate.

I really wish there was a better way to solve this issue (i.e. can't someone come up with a better, more reliable sensor?)


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