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Has anyone ever tryed Candy Corn?


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I'm new to the business so I'm not speaking from experience here, just a gut feeling. Anything seasonal is going to have pluses and minuses attached, but customers can at least feel confident the product is fresh... unless it's still in the machine come Christmas time.

On the plus side:

  • Something new & different to catch the eye
  • It's super cheap

On the minus side:

  • No labels available I'd bet
  • You'd have to make sure to replace the candy in a timely manner
  • Then there's the PC faction

Just my 2 cents, but I hope it helps you to decide. Please let us know what you end up doing and how it works out for you.



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I'm not experienced enough to say if it would be good or not, but IMHO you should try to stay away from seasonal candy. If it doesn't sell, you could end up with candy corn in your machine through Valentine's Day. It is good not to let your candy show its age, or let people guess how long it has been in your machine.

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I think that would be the best part! You get to eat the stuff that doesn't sell. That said I would not fill all my machines, maybe just like two heads @ slow locations. Do you think they would gum up the machines?

I bet I could find or even make some labels for it.

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Oh, and if you happen to try this and decide it's not working out, and happen to drive through central Virginia on a semi-regular basis, I'll give you anywhere between 5-50 cents per pound for any leftovers (even melted!!!)


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If you  really want to  try something new. I agree with the ones  who say run seasonal MM PMM . It wont matter if you leave them  in the machine or not.  you can just mix them in and they sell fine, I have done this  for years. and have  never had any problems.

But if you do want to run a soft candy such  as  candy corn  Mike and Ike  or any thing like that.  Dump the  bag in  Large bowl. and  spray it with cook spray. it will keep it from sticking  together. And only  run  small bag to see what happens

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I have not had major problems with holiday MMP.  But I have had a few locations complain and even ask for the Easter MMP to be removed.  All those locations had a 50-50 mix, but those Easter MMP really stand out and create an out-of-date perception.


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You know, if you get the right location, you could have a triple head with popular candy in 2 of the heads, and a seasonal candy in one that you change out about every 2 months.

Mid September, Halloween candy, mid November, Christmas of course.

Mid January Valentines.  Mid March tax candy... uh I mean Easter candy.

Mid May, something patriotic, and Mid July, something to do with Summer.  (OK, ran out of ideas there.)

You could have some flashy sign promoting each candy, and people might start looking to see what the new candy will be.

Just a thought.

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