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Charity - without permission.


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I recently contacted 2 charities about adopting a vending program. While their were not rude they were short "we dobt offer that/we dont engage in that."

One location really wants proceeds to go to that location. What are the pros and cons of making a sticker that says "part of this machines revenue goes to blank charity" without that charities written approval?

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Not a lawyer, but so long as you don't use any logos, slogans, etc. from that charity, I believe you are in the clear. Wording it the exact way you have it - possibly adding a disclaimer in small print that you are not associated with the charity - and you should be fine.

The key is that you are not getting the loc because of the charity. You have the loc, the loc wants $ to go to the charity, so you say ok.

Another option, much cleaner, would be to simply give the amt you would have given to the charity to the loc and let the owner donate to the charity.


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I would not worry about the charity not having a vending program. Not to be offensive, but most people do not have the strength to run a business. Mentally and physically it can take real strength, and most people just say no because work terrifies them. So long as the charity will accept your money without an explanation, you have every right to tell the location, and the customers, that you are donating to the charity. It is entirely honest, and until the charity actually tells you they do not want your money if you insist on telling people about your donation, you are in the clear. I would be astounded if that day ever occurred.

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