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Help!! Attaching a 25 Inch Northern Beaver to a Rack


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Is anyone familiar with how the bottom looks on this machine?  I am trying to attach one of these to a rack.  There are no holes open and ready to accept screws.  There is this square plate in the middle of the bottom.  Its underneath.  Not sure how to take this off.  The only thing I found out is I have to take out the coin mech to get to the inside of the bottom plate.

God forbid Beaver should make anything easy to work with.  Appreciate the help if anyone is familiar.

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I have a Northern Beaver.  The plate you see under the machine can be removed.  Open the machine as if you were removing the money.  Exactly in the middle of the area is a round screw with a head about the size of a quarter.  It has 2 holes in it that accepts a special wrench and unscrew it.  The plate underneath is attached with this screw or bolt.  This is so Beaver machines can be changed out EZ.  I did have to drill new hole in the bottom of mine to make it fit on a rack.  Go online to the Beaver website and there is an on line owners manual there.  GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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