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New guy here...


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  Well.. putting a sign about not shaking the machine will be the correct thing to do..  :)

  But im Vending in "special places" where truck drivers, lifter drivers, packagers, etc works there

  so alot of heavy wight guys.. they dont care just steal.. and the company is not responsable..

  There should be a mechanism or something to provent from this kind of activity (shaking machines)?

  By the way I work in a familly bussiness with 20 people aprox.. 200 glassfront AMS Sensit II Combo...


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I once had a location where the machines were "abused", the guards at a parole violators facility. They would take out their fustrations on the equipment so they themselves wouldn't get locked up for abusing the prisoners. Never got it to stop, but it did help a lot when I bolted the machines together and put around 800 pounds of scrap steel in the bottom of the snack and soda machine. The combined weight of the two machines with a full load of soda and the scrap metal was around 2000 pounds. Makes it pretty hard to move.

You might need to put a spacer between the machines for door clearances so look out for that if you try it.

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