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1800 question


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Yesterday I picked up my first machines.  4 1800, one used, the rest were never located.  Some problems, no instructions, 3 without spill trays, didn't get all the screws I will need to put them together and the used machine had bugs.  I assume the guy have nuts in it because there is a lot of rust in the middle section.  The rust was even on the springs.  So my question -  I don't think there is a way to get the rust off the springs so what do I do?  The screws and metal piece that adjusts how much product comes out are really rusted also.  If I try to buy new/used pieces what is the name the section I need to replace?

Thanks.  I think I will have a few more questions for you all before I am done cleaning them up, etc.

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I think it is the candy wheel you're talking about.  You can find them on ebay by searching for "1 800 candy wheel"  Here is one for sale now:  I would recommend that seller too.  You can also find spill trays on ebay too if you want them.  It doesn't seem to be a standard feature as I currently only have 3 for my 13 machines.

Hope you got a good deal on them, they are great machines.  :D

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Thanks guys.  I decided to buy a new one from the guy you recommend Mike.  

So is it better to have spill trays than not having them?

I think I got a nice deal on the machines.  $100 a piece for 3, $70 for 1.  

I have mixed feelings about the spill tray. On the one hand I worry the location will kick me for all the candy getting on the floor. On the other hand I worry the spill tray looks bad and stops people from buying because no one but you will clean it. Which will likely be once a month.

I'm not trying to knock what you paid, a LOT of it depends on where you are and the sellers circumstances. I bought 4 plus 6 canisters plus carrying box for $100 total. BUT I drove like 6 hours to do it (GPS lied it said it would be 4!) I think 50-100 would be fair for where I am. But I've also watched some cities where my family lives....and I don't even see them for sale at all. So who knows what they would have to pay up there.

So yea $100 is fine dude. You will make your money back easy enough. The real question now is how good of a location can you get them in?

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As far as the spill trays on the 1800's I have some with and some without. I like the looks of them at some of my locations but at other locations the machines without look better. I have been fortunate because I don't seem to get a lot of mesy build up in the trays.

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