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Does anyboby know where to find 12 ounce bottled water? Thanks

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Depnds on the machine your using, pepsi machines take 20oz Aquifina, sell it for $1.25 after all it cost .84 from pepsi. If your using another type drink machine, I would try all the other 16.8oz bottle water and see if it works, Alot cheaper at Sams then from Pepsi

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I am being told the 16 oz bottle water is too soft.

I use Aquafina 16.9s in my Dixie Narco 501's without too much problem.  The only times I have problems is in the summer, and those are infrequent.  Also I have problems with the Aquafinas losing their labels during the vending process.  Other than that, it seems to work fine.  I never have any complaints.

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