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What validator and coin mech can I use?

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I need to get a dollar validator and coin changer for my snack machine. I pulled the validator and changer out of a pop machine while working on the snack machine. The validator is a mars VFM3 R1 U4C and the coin changer is a mars TRC 6000.

There is alot of them on ebay but Im not sure what I can use.

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The TRC6000 that you mentioned is a 110v unit not 24 volts like you specify.

The AP430 machine never had a validator from the factory. You obviously have a kit in the machine. Some of the earlier kits are validator specific. Did the VFM bolt in and wok for you?

What brand of kit do you have in the machine?


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I have no idea what the kit is, Ill look tomorrow and see what I can find. I know the validator is 115V, when I was trying to get it going I followed out the wires and tested to make sure I had voltage there. The reason I though the coin changer was 24V is there is a sticker on the plug that the changer plugs into that said 24V. The machine worked perfect with this validator and changer. Only problem is the validator is a R1 and I need a L1, I need the electronics on the left or they hit the gum buttons.

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