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Newbie Needs Advice


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Hi all, I'm totally new and wish I'd found this forum when doing my due diligence. But I'm in the game and optimistic and glad to be part of the forum. I purchased 5 snack/combo machines that I'm waiting to place. I started seeking my own locations but because I work f/t, I decided to use a locator. I have some questions I'd appreciate your advice/comments on...

1. working w/locators -- what's the best way to deal w/them and what to watch out for?

2. w/these types of machines, how much would be considered a reasonable monthly $ expectation per machine?

3. Are they any women in the house that work this biz themselves? How do you manage safety?

Thanks for your help.

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I am a women in this business for 27 years.  If you are handling drinks and snacks all day it can be hard on your back but other than that, its fine.  

Rule one on working with a locator on combo units/full size units, do not give anyone any money upfront.  Be sure you visit each location, talk to management and take the spot based on sound business practices such as number of people having access to the machine, etc.

You can find locations on your own with a little help.  Give me a call or send me a email.  I can give you some free help that will get those out in a week or so...unless you live in the middle of nowhere.



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I an new to vending and i need some advise about this company

does anyone have any expertise 

thank you


A)  When you post, start a new thread.  It will get more attention.

2)  I don't like how this company looks, or what they say.  Emptying a machine each month?  They are actually saying you can make $450 a month per machine.  Or even half that good?  Total bull.

Then they have their little charity promo.  Water filled quarter catchers that makes it look like everything goes to charity.  And then $120 for what is essentially a large cup?

d)  Buy used machines, and/or existing routes.  They are selling bulk vending machines for $300 each, and you can find similar new machines (and probably higher quality) for $160, and pay somebody more credible $50 to place it, and still save $90 per machine.  (And not have to buy them all at once.)  And that is still too much.

I spent $80 on a used Vendstar after adding in shipping, and that may have been too much.  But even if I were to pay $50 to place it, that is still 56% less then those machines.

Oh and until you get established, if you buy a machine before placing it, do not buy another until that 1 machine is placed.

Keep reading, and take it slow.

People who buy from companies like this are the ones who provide us with the cheap machines we use.

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