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how many differant keys do have for the route??


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I have been trying to switch out as many locks as I can so that I can have as few differant keys as possible for my route.after switching out what I could this year I still have many differant keys.the reason is mostly because of the type of machines needing differant types of locks,or that I just switched locks so I wold have a certain type of machine with one key.even if I could probably have locks made so I am down to only 2-3 keys I can`t do it right now because I want to be profitable by years end.

so my question to you all is,how many differant keys do you guys have for your route?I have:

1 key for peppermint patty machines

1 key for all my racks(except sticker machines)

1 key for northwestern sticker machines

1 key for my 3 column sticker machines,video games,oscar wild ride,wowie zowie

1 key for 1800 machines

1 key for my spiral ?

thats all I can remember for know but there could be 1 or 2 I have more or less compared to you guys?

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The bulk of my business is keyed alike, but I just went and counted how many I have hanging in my box and it looks like I am currently at 42. Pretty much the same deal for me, different machines all require different keys, but I could only imagine if  I didn't have like machines keyed the same and if I was not using the same core for all t-handle machines.

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I have been in the middle of changing out all NW and A&A and Oak machines to handle one lock and key on their lids.  I am in the middle of changing out all Big Oak and ClassicNW 80 money locks to take one lock and key.  I will tell you what though, its an expensive proposition to do.  I  still have different locks  and keys for the Vendstars I have working and a Superpro and a few others I can not change out.  I am going to use two different locks and keys on the new expansion machines that will be coming online.  I have those locks and keys already just sitting around.

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hy guys

having less keys is allways better.having a key # that no one has in your state,is even better

i take all the locks off of nw sticker machines,allstar sticker machines and most triple plays.

call competitive products in phila pa ask for mike,buy 5/8" long flat key or even better

5/8" round key locks for around $3-5 each. tell him bob told you to call..

you can have 1 key for many machines.these will work on oak cap machines also.

i use his locks on my bulk and all arcade equipment.

we have 5 keys for over 230+ pieces of equipment.

you can call nw and order bulk machine locks 1/4" threaded rod and have all machines

on same key,ask for unused # for your state.

yes i know it cost extra money to do this,but i have never had any problems with

others going into me equipment.

also on  all of our arcade equipment we install security bar and company paylock

keyed to our 1 key #

i have found as times get tuffer out there people will try harder to break in or

steal money and equipment,protect your investment.

ps...... you can sell your old locks on e bay ,they will sell...

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