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Heated candy


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I have an old 4 way machine that I placed in a bar over the summer. The bar is very crowded with an ATM, and several gambling machines. There was ONE spot open, and I put the machine there at their direction. It was near the window, so it would get a little sunlight, but only in the late evening. The challenge was it is right over the AC vent, so my machine was always very cold. (People go in and out frequently, so the AC is constantly running.) Winter is about to start, and I'm concerned if they turn the heater on and it comes out that vent, my RP and MMP will all melt. (Because of the force of the air, even putting them on the top rack would not protect from this. All four machines are usually chilled when I go in to service)

How have other people dealt with this before? (Keep in mind winters get down to negative digits, sometimes negative double digits) What should I do? The location is not excellent, but is decent.

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