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The Honorable T Bird Johnny


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I responded to T Birds post selling  2 Dentyne Ice Machines. He sent them before I paid(he is trusting). Once they arrived I found that one of them had a broken part.

Without the slightest hesitation, He ordered a new part from the manufacturer and had it shipped directly to me.

This was my fist transaction with T Bird Johnny, and I am well pleased with the purchase!

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T-Bird is the man.  It is nice to see the good guys succeed as well.  I would imagine the majority of the guys who post here regularly are pretty good guys and gals and could be trusted like this.  There seems to be a neat community here on vendiscuss.  But nontheless Johnny is the man even though he is a yankee lover.  LOL Go Halos

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Thought I would let you buy me to lunch this afternoon  ;D, I have a 4 hour productivity break.  But, I guess you're out there collecting/refilling on the Island making $$$.   Cheers.

Listen to me..........the  next time you are at Kennedy, call me on my cell.  I would love to have lunch with ya Steve.

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