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average spiral gumball


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I found a deal for two of the big gumball machines, one a spiral gumball and one is the gas pump type

and I am just curious about how much these gross each month and if they are really worth the

extra cost and effort?

btw this is probably in the wrong section but has any ever heard of silent sales force for a manufacturer?

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It's not the machine but the location that does the volume.  You would prolly do just as well with a single had on a stand as you would with a spiral or a gas pump.

As far as SSF goes, you should check out the product reviews section.  It's been covered in there.  But to summarize, they are crap crap crap.  The best thing about them is the wooden stand.  I've had one double head on a stand and they both broke.  You can actually forcably turn the crank and break the mech and make it so it will free-vend.

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