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Yea, look where you buy all of your snack items from and make a list of all of them separately, and if there are some things you really do not want to sell just don't add them to the list. you wont want to over extend your self and give them items that may be seasonal or hard to find.

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My line was "we deliver our snack machines with a general fill of the National top selling brands, if there is a snack you know your staff would like we will be sure to add it at delivery.  As we determine the slow selling items we give you a list of other products we carry to fill those slots."

It made life much easier for us when setting up new snack machines to have a planogram based on our best selling items.  Once there we would be open to suggestions from our contact (we always had a contact at each location that was authorized to make vending changes). 

Hope that helps.

Blue Moose

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Like poplady said, I deliver a machine with the normal crap (though I don't say it that way). I am always open to suggestions, and willing to try about anything, but sales makes the ultimate determination. I am not willing to keep stuff in the machine that does not sell through regardless of who asks.


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