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Previously I posted my first day, and the problems associated with it, and the revenues.  Yesterday I did a 2 week pull.

My next pull will be after 3 weeks, then should be 4 unless I feel I need to hit some locations more then once a month, and I might.

My first trip ended up being split into 2 days because I have banks, and could not get into them before they closed.

Anyway the totals are:

1. Bank                               -  $13.25     Was worried about this location at first.

2. Business break room -  $20.50     Both weeks very steady.

3. Bank                               -  $18.25     2nd pull was much slower then the first.

4. Specialty Store              -   $3.00      May need to pull this one.

5. Pizza Place                     -  $6.12      After commission.  May buy sticker machines located here.

6. Bank                                -   $7.50     Real close to the last location

7. Bank                                - $10.50     2nd pull lower

8. Bank                                -   $6.50    

9. Business break room  - $20.25     May need to change out the Reese's Pieces

10.Pizza Place                    -   $5.77     Another commission, and sticker machines I might buy.

11.Bank                                -  $6.50      

12.Business lobby             - $13.50    Big drop off in the second pull

13.Pizza Place                     - $35.34    After commission.  2 sticker machines I may buy.

14.Rec Center                     -$40.50     Another big drop off in the second week.  2 machines.

I would pull the 2 low commissions if I wasn't planning on buying the sticker machines.  With the sticker machines on location, it might be worth it to keep the candy machines in place.

There is really only one machine I am serious about pulling.  I am thinking of upgrading the machines at the better locations, but I think I will just keep the other slower machines in place, and hit them every 6 to 8 weeks.  

I am not sure the extra work with 2 of the commission locations are worth the extra work, but since I am planning on picking up the sticker machines at these locations, it may be worth it to just keep these locations, and hit them when I hit the stickers.

I am averaging just under $15 per location, so I don't think this is too bad.

If I am correct that I am now keeping my product under 30%, I should be netting ~$140.55 total, and just over $10 per location.  (Actually I am at a loss this month, but stocked for candy.)

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