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Electrical question follow up


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Our local utility Nstar advised how to figure out the electrical cost per month of a vending machine as follows: wattage of the unit (times) hours used  in a month (divided by) 1000 (times) electrical rate on commercial bill.

Also I have a client who wants to put the machines on timers.  Forum members in a previous thread confirmed timers as useful and I've got the following detail questions:

Bev/snack: is there any long term deterioration to the electronics if a machine is turned off and on via a timer?

Any other considerations?

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I had a school that had to have timers on them. Only  had one problem with them the back up battery had lost aLl of its charge but all it did was lose the dex information

And sale. Only one drink it was a ecc glass front drink it was the first bottle drop ecc sold out to dixie narco. It was in a warehouse that was about 110 degrees all the time and it was not made for that it would freez up every day. Then I went and got a timer and put it on the compressor plug and it would turn off at night then back on about three hours before the place opened for the day and never went back for a service call. It was on the machine for 3 years till it moved to china 

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