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Starting out in Southern California


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I like to begin this greetings to this wonderful board by thanking the members of this board for sharing all their experiences in the business. Gives new people like me insightful information that not only will save me money but also time. I hope that our discussions on this board will be mutually beneficial. I have come to the conclusion that doing a toy vending business is the route i want to go. I am still in the information gathering phase. I am currently in the process of creating a L.L.C. I am still debating with myself as to whither or not I need a company website for a toy vending business. I plan on getting Oak Machines as well as Tomy Gacha Machines. Those machines are the best choices seeing as i live fairly close to both places that sell them IE savings on shipping and hold costs. I am still looking for more local wholesalers of vendible toys. Again to save on shipping as well as holding costs. Locating is going to be critical to the overall success and seeing as I don't see too many Toy Rack Locators nor do I have any contacts with Vending Management Companies.  This is the part of the business i have no experience in and I have tried searching for relevant information on this forum but came out with very little info. What I mean by this is getting other people to do locating/contracting of a location. There is plenty of information of how to do it yourself but again kinda hard to come off as professional when you have no experience in dealing with people in specific situations where you have to ask questions that a veteran should know. Sorry about the grammar English is my second language.


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