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Spray PAM, what candy needs this?


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To keep Mike N Ikes from sticking I have heard to spray just the bottom of the container with Pam.

What other candy needs this?

I will be using:

MM Peanut

MM Plain


Mike n Ikes

I assume I just need to spay for Skittles and Mike n Ikes


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Any type of chewy candy will need to be sprayed. Be careful not to over do it or the candy will feel greasy and look shiney. I spray the inside of a ziplock bag with one or two quick shots of Pam. Then I pour the candy in the bag and shake it up real good. It coats the candy just enough to prevent them from clumping.

Skittles should not need to be sprayed unless the machine is placed in a hot humid environment.

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I have only had a couple of  clumps of skittles at locations they weren't actually warm locations. They were in an air conditioned rooms. Fortunately I haven't had any real trouble with Skittles so far even at the "warmer" locations but I know they can "clump up."

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