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Anyone Ever Tried SEASONAL Candy in your bulk vending machines?


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I think the search topic box on the top right of your screen,just under where it tells you if you have any private messages should be made way bigger.

haveing said that,I have my brother and a friend of mine thAT works at a super wal mart ready to get me some. my bro has a friend that works at them at a dollar or not very much more then that for the 12-14 oz bags.I intentionally didnt buy any pmm lately and have let my machines run low on them(but not out)so as soon as I get these seasonal ones I can fill the machines up.

the reason is you want those out asap so they sell out asap and dont give the impression they are going to get stale candy if they see halloween candy in a machine for xmas.

another option is to mix them with regular pmm.

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