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My awesome servicing story!


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So I went to service my route yesterday. Took some time off from the 9-5 to head South. We have 14 1800's on location in an industrial / fabrication area.

Location #1 had barrel locks that aren't lined up. Usually I would just use a filed key, but the few that I grabbed had all their teeth. (I like to have a few spares in my glove box, etc…) So I was able to collect the coins, but I am staring at 2/3 canisters that NEED to be refilled. I have product in hand, but no way to get to it. So I did what I told myself not to do. I tried again, and broke one of my keys.

On to #2. It's three triples in different areas of a manufacturing line. Nice location. The machines get filthy, but they love their Skittles.

Again the barrels aren't lined up. What's going on here?? With a little finesse, I can get the top and coin box open on this one, and actually service a machine. The next 2 one had a off-kilter barrel lock, and the other is just too tight to turn.

So I find myself in their parking lot looking for a rock so I can file one of my remaining keys down to match the barrel. Now I am in my truck with the radio on scraping my last key against the side of a rock so I man make it work in the mis-aligned lock. I get it nice and smooth, (and pretty pleased with myself for MacGyvering a key) and take it back up to try to salvage the afternoon and service route. I get it to the top box, give it a little twist and hear the snap.

Total machines service: 1 / 14

Total machines almost serviced: 3 / 14

Keys lost :5

How mad was I yesterday afternoon? Very.

Just thought I'd share. Have a good one, everyone!

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I bought 28 Vendesign machines, used.  They came with a bag of ten cam lock keys.  I discovered when I got them home that nine of the cam lock keys were all chewed up.  I managed to unlock 15 of teh machines before key #10 finally broke into small bits.  So I drilled out 7 locks and have 8 more to go.  I had to purchase new after market cam locks which I am hopeful will last.  The locks on the machines are all gummed up like the guy tried to oil them or something.

Fun times.


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